Marketing & Advertising

Welcome to Page Propeller's marketing and advertising section. We all know about the traditional forms of advertising. These include radio, TV, commercials, newspaper, classified ads, brochures, business cards and flyers. It should be noted that we do not have our own network for distribution when it comes to traditional media. You should note that we do offer our services instead to the creation of this media. For instance, we will create a brochure for your company but not distribute via mail. Although this type of media is important if you are interested in traditional advertising, there are several places we can direct you now. Our graphic design section will help you design a logo, business cards, brochure, poster, billboard sign or flyer. We can assist you in your marketing campaign as far as writing and producing media. Things that people can touch tend to have a personal and emotional reaction and our design team will help meet your needs. Need to shoot a commercial? Need a voice-over production for the radio? Need music to use for your video or commercial spot? Then you might want to check out our video and audio production section. Need a 3D logo or animation for your video? We can do that too.

Marketing is like a convergence of all forms of media

In a since you could say your website is an advertising tool. What about all the aspects that go into a website? Is it just text and/or a couple of colors? If so what does it mean? Unless you know yourself, no one else will. The idea of marketing and advertising a business is to meet a need. When there is a demand for something, people pay money to meet that need. The world we live into today has many needs. Everyday people are fulfilling the needs whether you work for someone else or you are your own boss. But how did that person ever find out who the person meeting needs of another is. Maybe they didn't even know they need it. Coca-Cola never had a need before it was invented now. They now meet a worldwide need.

One person spreads the word out to another and then another

You see there are many needs that exist now that did not exist before in history and this was though contrast. Coca-Cola became popular and one of the ways they did this was through marketing and advertising. In the world we live in exists opportunity. So it starts as an idea and then turns into something that you can touch in the very world we live in. Marketing and advertising helps get the word out about your product and service.

What form does my marketing and adverting campaign take?

Do I do it though graphic design, photography, video, audio, illustration, animation, or all of these forms of media converge? A great business person will use everything in their tool bag to reach his audience. Not all things fit perfectly in place, that's why a master marketer will look at what they can do and decide what can they do right now.

For traditional design media please see our graphic design and video and audio sections for pricing or call us at (877)525-7243. Your account executive will be happy to assist you with any questions in regards to anything.

Traditional Advertising

When people think about advertising, they think about magazines, newspaper, billboards, business cards, brochures, flyers, poster, commercials, radio spots and printed advertisement.

Here at Page Propeller, one thing we don't offer are clients is printing. We do however support the design of these mediums. We can design any type of business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, billboard or any other type of custom print you may require.

Please visit our graphic design section to find out more about our design for print. Our marketing experts work with our designers to bring you the type of printed advertisements your company needs to get noticed.

Audio driven advertisements

Interested in advertisements for the radio? We feature professional talent to help you reach your target audience in a meaningful way. We offer an array of voice talent to suit your company's image and get you noticed. Don't forget about the music! We offer experts that have been writing for commercials for a long time. We can handle the recording, writing, and producing of your radio spot. We will write and/or produce your radio spot for you. Whatever you want, we will meet your company's needs.

Video driven advertising

Need a commercial of your company or business? Let Page Propeller handle it for you. We can produce your commercial or vision. Tap into the talent pool for that commercial of your dreams. We can produce a commercial for both the web and television. We have access to the full power of a crew as well as a post-production team that will meet your goals. We can produce the commercial you desire or write one that will work right for your business. For more information please see our audio and video section.

Page Propeller meeting all your traditional advertising needs

So whether you need a commercial, business cards, or a radio spot. We meet the demands. Call us today to consult with your account executive. We will guide you thought the process. When you arrive on the other side, you will have all the tools your company will need to thrive.

Online Marketing and Advertising

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Page Propeller offers search engine optimization. So let's talk about this for a moment. First I would like to explain what it means. There are different listings that show up in a search result. Search engine optimization focuses on organic search results. Want a broader explanation please visit our search engine optimization section. Here at Page Propeller we believe that just ranking your website in search engines is not enough. Sure being number one for your keyword term is important and will drive traffic to your website. Plus there are technical requirements this is simply not enough. You see when most people think about search engine optimization they think about traffic. They then move onto the mind frame of success. We would agree with this and this is an important aspect. But we would like to add that in order to optimize a website you need to do more than just that. You see most companies focus on the ranking aspect and not how the page effects the visitor's actions.

A history of web design vs. online business

When websites started coming out, HTML had a very simple design. It mostly focused on functionality. Then more features were added; CSS, JavaScript, flash and a host of other website tricks. Then pictures, video and sound have been added to the list of available features. The problem has been that search engines could not easily read or understand them very well. So businesses started putting all of their money into these types of websites. The problem became even more complicated. Simple text based websites started ranking for search results where big companies no longer did. Why? For the simple reason that search engines could not read these types of websites. This caused them not to rank at all or far below the completion.

People started realizing that Google and other search engines were important to their online businesses. Then they learned how to rank websites on Google and other search engines. So what's the problem? The problem is that most webmasters that optimized a website took out all the things that made a website appealing to the customer. After that, you had a divided school of thought. On one hand there are people that had studied reaction to visualization and on the other you had people that studied how the search engines react to a websites ranking exclusively.

Here at Page Propeller we think different

We agree with the fact that ranking a website is important. But we also think that in all the clutter of trying to please a search engine these types of designers forgot the most important thing. What the customer thinks when they land on a website. You see most designers forget about the customer in all this. Here at Page Propeller we believe that the pictures you decided put on your website, the colors you have chosen or even the video you decide to show, makes all the different to the customer. People like interactions and they like an experience. They want to find the information they are looking for easily and don't want any type of confusion. We bring a balance to this. A fully featured website with design, functionality and optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing. It's not the listing on Google that matters but how the customer reacts to the website itself.

We bring a Hollywood level production value to our customers

The design, look and interactions are the most important things when it comes to your website. We have an array of designers, programmers, SEO experts, photographers, editors among many other talents all working together to deliver not only a website but one that will achieve your business goals as well. The time for design has returned and now the internet has aged to a degree where we can achieve almost any design and still account for search engines.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Let's talk about pay per click. A lot of business owners make mistakes by deciding to run their own campaigns. The basic idea is to spend the least amount of money and have the highest return. A great example would be to say I have a product that is $20.00. It cost me $4 worth of pay per click ads to sell one product. If I can figure out how and which keywords are converting and not converting I could bring down the cost to $2.00. I can do this by dropping non converting keywords or optimizing the keywords that are converting.

Is a keyword worth the time or effort?

You see many times we think that being ranked for a keyword means that it will change our business. The truth is that not every business works the same. Even experts that have been doing this for a long time cannot guess exactly what keywords perform and which ones do not. The truth is that unless tested you really have no idea what keywords will perform and which ones will flop. A lot of people make the mistake of simple guessing what keywords will work. Sometimes they get it right, other times they get it wrong. This is something that the experts have been doing for years and will not tell you.

Pay Per Click works well with Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can take months to see results. How much business are you losing in the mean time? If you decide to use Pay Per Click in the beginning then you will be able to figure out what keywords are converting and what keywords are not. You can take all the guess work out of the equation. It will help you to really know how a keyword works with your website. Thus your search engine optimization campaign will be much more rewarding.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

So let's talk about search engine marketing for a moment. I think the title can be very misleading. So what is it? Well SEM really has nothing to do with Search engines. It's more focused on social media. It involves using such outlets such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, forums and blogs. If used properly, this can drive thousands of visitors to your website without any help from a search engine.

Creating a presence online

When you think about search engine marketing, it's important not to forget that user generated content as well as content created on any one of your social media portals can create a storm online. One article can spread like a wild fire. This can bring thousands of visitors to you site.

If we were to compare it to normal marketing, it would be buzz worthy

The many things that you can do with social media go beyond what we are willing to write about here. In a simple form if you have ever been on MySpace or Facebook before then you have had a little taste of it yourself. The idea is to create a buzz about your company or product and send visitors storming to your site. There have been many companies that have decided to skip the search engine and go straight for social media. Many out there could care less in the world of search engines.

The power of social media

Social media is changing the way we interact with one another. As a result of social media, information can spread from one place on the planet to another. Enabling us to find out information very quickly and giving us access to information we would have never been able to access before. Tapping into this can have great benefits for you or your business. It is an essential tool for building brand recognition.

Email Campaigns

So what are email campaigns? To put it simply, email campaigns are directed towards existing customers that have already bought your services or signed up to receive service for your company. There are many types of email campaigns that exist. They could be news about a new product, a special or deal that is only running for a short time. They offer text or full HTML support. Page Propeller offers the ability to add support for collecting emails from your website. We also offer full design for the look and feel of the email campaigns. We can customize each email campaign to suit a company's colors, logo and leveraging the powers of HTML and CSS to create full color design with images, photos and video to your email campaign. We can build template email designs that the client can customize and manage on their own.

Full email campaign support with your very own login

Not only can we add the ability to collect emails for your business but we support an entire backend to administer, delete or add emails. With full management via backend application support, you can create your own email campaign or we can design them for you. This could be a coupon, special code for your company, monthly or weekly deals. We can manage your email campaign for you or your company can manage it yourself. We put the full power of email campaign in your hands. We support large and small campaigns. Email campaigns are a great way to market to both your existing and new customers, for both large and small business.

PR Firewall

Negative press can have a profound impact on your business. When bad news about your company hits the press, it can have an impact on sales. Traditional news can be harmful however have you ever thought about the lasting effects of bad press. Newspapers are moving towards the online world as well as other media. Your name is important. It's the life blood of your business. What happens when you name becomes the target? The thing that most people don't think about is the fact that as with traditional media you can wait it out, after sometime people will forget about the bad press. What about the online repercussions? All that bad press can have a profound impact on your name. It tends to happen when people go to look for you via search for your company's name or your name. This can have a long lasting effect well after the newspapers and TV stop talking about you.

Protect your name online

Protect your name from bad press with Page Propeller's PR Firewall. Here's how it works. When bad press hits your name it starts to rank for your own business name on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Before this can happen, protect yourself. We build a wall of good PR around your business name. So when bad press strikes, instead of ranking 2nd place or all over the first page it becomes buried deep in the search results. Thus assuring protection from bad press before it happens, protecting your business name from bad press.

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